How we work

for creative artists, film-makers & media owners

We specialise in forwarding your stories to a wider audience by actively participating in major international film festivals and creative media festivals.

Our team of professionals will work closely with you to understand your creative intent and to channel your stories to the right platform. That is not limited to us by working with you on the submission, the appropriate sub-titling and international adaptation, as well as preparing you for the right exposure.

For universities & media colleges 

We provide special program to suit your educational and training needs.

Our consultants will discuss with your faculty to provide experience for your students in attending renowned international/regional media festivals and film festivals with a customised program.

For Festivals owners and administrators.

We serve as a bridge for cross-cultural exchanges amongst the international festival professionals.

Our executives have a proven track record of organising bilateral and multi-lateral media conferences and help stage festivals that benefit the various host and client countries in their successful organisation and execution of events.